Which Jewelry Will Suit You Best – Secrets for Girls and Ladies

Jewelry accessories are a special type of jewelry, always appropriate, allowing you to emphasize your own appeal or create an individual, unique look. That is why they are one of the most desirable gifts for a girl, girl, woman. But how to choose the right bracelets, beads, diamond engagement rings and brooches so as not to overdo it and at the same time look attractive and stylish? We will help you decide!

Each beauty should have a minimum set of accessories that allows you to combine them and combine with different outfits, moods, season. Such a headset should be included:

  • holiday set (ring, earrings and beads or precious metal necklace);
  • natural stone items such as pendants, beads or pendants;
  • earrings;
  • brooches;
  • bracelets.

Even if you have only one item from each category, you will already be able to look elegant and elegant! But for this you need not only to buy quality and presentable products, but also know how to pick up jewelry. After all, the inability to combine them, the inconsistency of accessories to your appearance – just a crime against aesthetics!

To buy products you need to take into account the features of your figure, the color of skin, eyes and hair, type of face, the reason for wearing them, as well as age.

Often the last parameter is ignored, but it is important enough. There are even certain etiquette rules and regulations governing what kind of jewelry should be worn by young girls, and what will be appropriate for ladies in a more mature age.

If you are in the prime of your youth, remember that your jewellery should be modest, discreet and graceful. The natural beauty of a maiden is bright enough in itself, no need to emphasize it with heavy rings, multi-row beads and large earrings. Thin rings with precious and semi-precious stones (e.g. amethyst, coral, turquoise, crystal, amber), earrings made of the same materials will suit you, you can add a small pendant to your image. “Diamond pieces are contraindicated, except for wedding and wedding rings.

Married women etiquette allows you to wear more massive jewelry. For example, you will very much like bright earrings in complex settings, rings with amber, emerald, ruby or even a diamond.

Ladies of balsamic age can wear jewelry with large stones, in intricate and even a little fanciful settings. Fantasy rings, large earrings, multi-row beads – you can choose anything you want! The only exception – rings-prints, leave them for titled men.

Some jewelry is appropriate at any age. These include amber beads and pearl items. Thanks to the variety of tones of the sun stone, you can choose as light, light beads or earrings, as well as bracelets, brooches, rings of rich, deep color. And skill of jewellers allows to create exclusive, author’s things with an interesting plan!

Remember: the main thing when choosing jewelry is a sense of proportion. If you combine accessories, guided by aesthetic principles, then you will make your image complete and prove yourself as a woman with impeccable taste and style!

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