Ring Value | Silver Rings With Amber Stones

Rings are some of the oldest jewelry that indicated the status of its owner. In ancient times, people believed that jewelry could have an impact on life. It took many centuries to organize knowledge from all corners of the world and to create a theory about how to wear a ring with benefit. Chromantics, esotericists, astrologers and litho therapists argue that the magic of diamond engagement rings does exist, and to achieve the desired result, you need to know from what metal and stone to wear the ring and on what finger.

The meaning of the rings on your fingers

What do rings on different fingers mean? So, a ring on your thumb helps a person to assert themselves, while restraining the emotional temperament and aggressive energy, which helps to harmonize communication with others.

On the index finger ring – a symbol of power. It gives a humble man firmness, confidence and willpower. Many rulers and commanders wore rings on this finger, which spoke of their strong character and desire to win.

Narcissists and narcissists wore rings on their middle finger. Through large products they try to convince others of their irresistibility. Such a character is proud and conceited. Small items, usually passed down by inheritance, emphasize self-esteem.

Those who wear the engagement ring on the ring’s ring finger of their left hand are natural people who appreciate beauty, luxury and sophistication. They are romanticists who seek pleasure and sensual pleasures. The size of the jewelry is important. Small and elegant rings are worn by harmonious and calm people, while large jewelry – expansive, exalted, hysterical and turbulent nature trying to attract attention.

The ring on the little finger is a sign of creativity. People who wear rings on this tiny finger are not devoid of narcissism, coquetry, ready for flirtation and excitement. At the same time, they are the most interesting individuals who will never be bored. To strengthen your creative abilities, develop eloquence, flexibility of mind, as well as to suppress the urge to gambling, it is recommended to wear rings on the little finger.

Silver rings with amber stones

As for the material of the rings, metals corresponding to the planets that protect the fingers are defined for each finger. But the only metal that will fit all and everyone is silver. And the only universal stone that has wide magic and healing properties – amber, which is ideal for silver, together creating a contrasting and original duo.

Silver rings with amber stones, as cute and graceful, as massive and catchy, look beautiful on any finger. Just think how your life can change by putting the right ring on the right finger!

To positively affect the various aspects of life, improve energy around you, improve your health, choose the union of amber and silver. Buy a ring and change the quality of life can afford anyone who believes in the magical power of jewelry.

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