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I'm an American residing within the UK. Here are the largest misconceptions folks overseas have about folks within the US.


I'm an American residing within the UK. Here are the largest misconceptions folks overseas have about folks within the US.

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  • I’m a local New Yorker who moved to the United Kingdom.
  • Unsurprisingly, there are a whole lot of stereotypes about Americans overseas.
  • Some of them will be true, relying on the individual: There are Americans who’re loud, extraordinarily patriotic, and really cheerful.
  • These stereotypes do not apply to each American, although.
  • Some of the stereotypes aren’t true, like that we’re all racist or overweight.
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As a local New Yorker, I’m used to being stereotyped as being loud, impatient, and quite brash — considerably unfairly, I’d wish to suppose.

It wasn’t till I moved to the United Kingdom, nevertheless, that I noticed that views of Americans, basically, aren’t all that optimistic.

Here are a few of the greatest stereotypes I’ve encountered and the way a lot reality I believe is behind them.

We’re all hardcore patriots

American flag

From the skin, I can perceive the place this stereotype comes from. It can appear as if most individuals within the United States are very nationalistic. There are over 327 million of us, and undoubtedly there are some Americans who could be considered nationalists and plenty of others who self-identify as patriots. 

But there are simply as many voters who don’t pledge allegiance to the celebrities and stripes daily and acknowledge that our country is far from perfect.

We’re actually loud

This is a well-known stereotype about American tourists. True, some Americans can be loud — however so can some British folks, French folks, German folks, and plenty of different vacationers all over the world.

Your tone of voice actually has nothing to do with the place you are from, although admittedly I’ve observed different American vacationers talking at a quantity that might enable them to simply be heard by others.

In my opinion, it is not essentially that Americans are loud, however maybe that British people are generally more reserved.

We’re all overweight

woman running jogging exercise

While America does actually love its unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyles, there are numerous Americans who additionally worth well being, diet, and bodily exercise. 

Plus, it is value noting that the UK is not far behind us relating to weight problems (26% of the population was obese as of 2016 in comparison with 39.8% of Americans).

We’re all dumb

I’m unsure the place this stereotype stems from, nevertheless it’s one of many extra annoying stereotypes on the record. Again, similar to wherever else, there are many educated Americans with a ardour for data, tutorial or in any other case.

We’re over-the-top cheerful

Waitress server restaurant

This is a very amusing stereotype to me, most likely as a result of whereas I take into account myself type and approachable, I actually would not describe myself as “cheerful.”

Americans are as overworked, underpaid, and totally stressed out as everybody else, and, in my expertise, it is a fairly combined bag by way of what temper somebody goes to be in.

This stereotype could come from Brits’ journeys to America, the place they may expertise over-the-top customer service from retail employees and restaurant staff.

We’re all obsessive about weapons

Hard to debunk this one since there appear to be so many mass shootings regularly in the US. It appears unfathomable to many individuals within the UK why there haven’t been changes to America’s gun laws and plenty of mechanically assume that we’re all obsessive about firearms.

This is not true — numbers fluctuate, however it’s estimated around one-third of US citizens own a gun — nevertheless it’s a stereotype that persists, seemingly given the information cycle.

We’re all racists

A restaurant in Maryland has a sign over its front entrance designating it 'white only' and telling African Americans that they must enter the establishment through the rear door. 1948.

There’s no sense in sugarcoating it — America has at all times had a significant issue with racism. Today, systemic racism remains a rampant issue in the US. There are disparities in wealth and unemployment in addition to inequality in our criminal justice and education systems, simply to call a couple of huge points our nation faces.

While there are many Americans working arduous to vary the tide, there is definitely an extended battle forward. Still, to consider that every one folks within the US are vitriolic racists or illiberal of different cultures is not truthful. Not all American citizens were born in the US, for one factor, and many people not solely recognize the melting pot that’s our nation, we take into account it the most effective elements of being American.

We’re boastful and thoughtless

According to a number of of my British pals, this stereotype exists largely as a result of there are some US vacationers who anticipate others to comply with our beliefs, customs, and even communicate our language whereas we’re in different international locations. When this does not occur, they are saying these Americans can change into outraged or insulting.

Again, many individuals within the United States are genuinely curious and appreciative of various international locations, languages, and cultures. And not everyone in the US speaks English as a first language both. Don’t let a couple of unhealthy apples spoil the entire barrel.

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