How Do You Tell a Woman’s Character by Her Jewelry?

Giving preference to one or another jewelry, cosmetics, perfume and even hair color, we subconsciously express our individuality, show our character and temperament. Psychologists have noticed a pattern that people who are similar in character, choose jewelry and engagement rings of the same shape, clothing a certain color and style, etc.

Therefore, it is easy to determine the character of a woman by her jewelry. It is important to note that jewelry should be loved, and their purchase is not dictated by fashion and public opinion.

If we talk about the materials of jewelry, gold products choose conservative nature, balanced and stable. Silver jewellery is preferred by romantic girls, wood jewellery is preferred by open, clever and inquisitive girls, plastic jewellery is preferred by practical, glass jewellery as well as feather jewellery, leather jewellery is preferred by coquettes and those who do not mind flirting.

Original, large and bright decorations are preferred by eccentric and shocking ladies who like to stay in the spotlight.

What can carnation earrings tell you about their hostess?

Let’s start with small earrings worn by sentimental girls, sensitive, touchy and easy to hurt nature. Pebble earrings tell us that their mistress is refined, but not devoid of windiness and coquetry. Although it is the stone in the earring that can say more about character.

Carnation earrings with amber will tell you that the one who wears them is a creative and inventive person with a developed intuition, determined and brave character. Such a girl will definitely attract attention and interest of the opposite sex.

What can tell about the character of the massive rings?

Your friend, colleague or boss likes to wear massive engagement rings? Know that such a lady – purposeful, aware of what she wants a person in life guided by the principle of “see the goal, see no obstacles. She achieves her goals by any means, regardless of public opinion and the feelings of others.

If you have noticed a display of power behind her, then most likely she wears her big rings on her index finger. From such a lady you should expect severity, dictatorship and often contact with others.

Beautiful amber jewellery

Everyone understands beauty in their own way. For some, classics are a model of beauty, while for others ethnic motifs or avant-garde designs are more beautiful than traditional forms. In any case, not only design, but also stones give special beauty to jewelry. One of the most common ornamental stones is amber. What are the character traits that reveal these or those beautiful jewelry made of amber?

Romanticists prefer classic pieces made of silver and amber. They are educated and intelligent people who know how to master their emotions. Original forms of jewelry give a creative start and a great talent, a constant source of ideas and non-standard solutions.

Girls with such qualities as tenacity and firmness prefer square-shaped pendants, rings and earrings. Such a person plans his or her whole life ahead, appreciates stability and reliability.

Ladies wearing round jewelry have a completely opposite character. They are kind, soft and completely positive people, capable of sincere sympathy and empathy. Such a girl will become a reliable friend, who will come to the aid at any moment.

Often women wear jewelry with animalistic forms, it is easy to guess that the image of this or that animal on brooches or earrings is a subconscious association with it.

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