Health Effects of Magnetic Jewellery

In principle, magnets can also be used as jewellery, but their effect on health is under discussion. We recommend that you do not constantly wear magnetic necklaces or bracelets. Instead, we can safely recommend the use of magnets for jewelry clasps.

Can there be health problems if I wear magnetic jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, earrings or diamond rings) permanently? There is a short and a long answer to this question.

Short answer:

We do not recommend that you always wear bracelets or necklaces of this type, but only sometimes, on special occasions. We also recommend jewellery with chrome magnets, such as the 13 mm magnetic sphere, to prevent the occurrence of a nickel allergy.

Long response:

Although there are many studies on the effect of static magnetic fields on people and no one has so far been able to demonstrate any negative effects, the following should be considered:

Therapists and traders, who work with these magnets or sell them for therapeutic purposes, claim that science has not yet developed the necessary methods to measure the effects of magnets on the human body. We are generally very sceptical about these therapeutic methods and at best we only see a placebo effect, as with many other alternative healing methods. After all, there is no scientific basis for these methods either. Yet many people are ready to swear that these therapies work. It cannot be said with certainty who is really right.

In this situation, where it is not possible to adopt one or the other point of view with definitive certainty, we prefer to play it safe and avoid prolonged contact with permanent magnets. Of course, it ultimately depends on you how you assess these risks.

If you now want to try it yourself: with all our neodymium magnetic spheres you can create necklaces. Some customers have also made magnetic jewellery with magnets, regardless of their therapeutic effect.

Magnetic clasps for jewellery

The classic diamond jewelry closures are very thin and often difficult to close. Magnetic clasps come in handy because they make it easy to fasten necklaces and bracelets. The powerful magnets always guarantee a secure closure. To undo the necklaces or bracelets, simply push the two elements sideways.

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