Green Tourmaline: Properties, Benefits and 3 Uses in Crystal Therapy

Green tourmaline is known as Verdelite. It is a stone widely used in crystal therapy when it comes to working on the heart chakra. Its energy flow works directly on emotions. However, as it is predominantly male, its qualities include making it stronger, more resilient and vital. If used together with rose quartz, whose energy is feminine, it harmonizes you and opens your heart to spiritual love.

Green tourmaline can be of several shades. The color ranges from light green to a beautiful emerald green. It has a positive influence on our life and leads to growth. You can use it in meditation for example if you want to connect with yourself, nature and spirits.

Tourmaline is a borosilicate and depending on the components inside it takes on the various shades of which I am telling you about a little at a time. It can have vertically streaked crystals, long and thin, or it can be thick. Among the green tourmalines we also find the beautiful watermelon tourmaline. It is so called because the outside is green and the whole part is pink. It is considered a perfect stone to activate the fifth chakra.

Properties of green tourmaline

It’s a highly positive rock. Green tourmaline attracts success first. It is a stone that inspires creative people and it is perfect if you are carrying out a personal project that you want to realize. For example, you might find it very supportive if you want to turn your hobby into a business.

Green tourmaline is a good helper for gardeners and herbalists because it not only strengthens plants but also increases their health effectiveness.

Benefits for the body

Physically, it’s one of those stones that increases resistance. For this reason it is ideal for those who practice sport or work in a field where great strength is required. It strengthens the sense of smell. It relieves chronic fatigue, reduces exhaustion. It stimulates cell regeneration and works on cell imbalances. It strengthens the nervous and immune systems, can be used for detoxification of the intestine and is a useful stone when it comes to losing weight.

Benefits for the mind

It helps to overcome emotional conflicts related to the father figure. Relaxes the mind and body, not surprisingly it can be used with good results when it comes to reducing claustrophobia, but also panic attacks. Sometimes it is also recommended for hyperactive children.

It helps to cope better with changes in life and stimulates a sense of belonging within the family and community.

Benefits for the spirit

Like all tourmaline varieties, verdelite can also be used as a shamanic stone. It favours protection during ritual work. It works on energy and transforms negative energy into positive energy. Tourmaline in fact encourages feelings of gratitude towards others but also towards the environment around us.

It acts as a purifier and carries strength and spiritual energy. It allows to maintain high levels of consciousness. It helps to work on the aura to resolve imbalances. Like all tourmalines it is a healer and can be used to rejuvenate.

It is a conductor of life force and promotes growth. It is a stone that renews nature, nourishes family relationships. Like all green stones it promotes spiritual growth.

3 uses of green tourmaline

1. Balance the heart chakra

Green tourmaline balances the heart chakra. All you have to do is place it right in the center of the sternum. This way you control your interactions with what is outside, learn to be more balanced and control yourself. It removes the energy blocks that affect this center and helps you to understand emotions and needs better and more clearly.

2. Meditate with green tourmaline

Among the various uses of green tourmaline there is also that of meditation. It allows you to reflect on who you really are but above all it is perfect if you are trying to make a change and want to do it in a constructive way and without excessive suffering.

3. In feng shui

Green tourmaline has the energy of wood and for this reason it is used at home to promote growth and new beginnings. It brings abundance in life, promotes growth. You can put the stone in any room but my advice is to use it in small children’s rooms or in the place where you are carrying out your personal project. The energy of wood is linked to the southeast area of a house and is associated with abundance.

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