Dalmatian Jasper: Properties, Benefits and 3 Uses in Crystal Therapy

With the Dalmatian jasper I conclude my round of posts on jasper varieties. The name of this stone can already make you guess what it looks like. However it is improperly known as Dalmatian jasper, it is much more correct to call it Dalmatian stone. It is a crystal that can vary from light grey to beige-brown. It is made of quartz and feldspar. The characteristic aspect that gives it this name is the presence of black or brown spots, which are nothing but iron oxide or tourmaline.

In crystal therapy, Dalmatian jasper is especially famous for its function as a protective amulet. It is also said to possess healing properties. Its energy is slow but effective, ideal for those who want to work on themselves in the long term.

Properties of Dalmatian jasper

The Dalmatian jasper is said to strengthen the playful spirit that each of us has inside. It encourages us to be more joyful and helps those who tend to be overly analytical in life to be more energetic.

If, on the other hand, it is worn by a child you get a calming influence. Use it if you want to reflect on something, if you have a project going on and you need to develop it to the best of your ability. Not only that, it also helps you to express them and share them with others. Use it if you want support during the first steps to create a new business.

Benefits for the body

On a physical level the benefits are for the muscles, tendons and also the cartilage. In crystal therapy is also used to prevent muscle spasms in those who suffer from it or to avoid the risk of sprains. It can also be used to treat various skin problems such as allergic rashes.

Benefits for the spirit

It balances out the energy. It is in fact used a lot by those who want to work on their ki and those who practice tai chi or martial arts in general. If you feel that you have lost joy you can use it to stimulate the desire for fun in you. It is a stone that makes you emotionally and spiritually stronger.

It draws away negative energies. It works on the base chakra and helps to take root on the ground. You should simply wear it if you tend to forget that you are not only flesh but also spirit.

Benefits for the mind

It helps you fight addiction, especially smoking. This is because it strengthens the will and gives you the necessary determination not to let yourself be tempted. Use it if you want to attract, strengthen ties and friendships. It is recommended, for example, if you need to protect your children from nightmares.

You can use it if, for example, you tend to be cynical and skeptical and want to work on this aspect of yours.

It has a very decisive calming effect. Good for pets, for example. I advise you to use it if you work very closely with dogs and if you are in charge of rescuing abandoned animals. In fact, you can also use it for yourself, to overcome the irrational fear of dogs.

3 uses of Dalmatian stone

1. Balancing the first chakra

Use the Dalmatian stone to balance the first chakra. You must position it at the height of the first vertebra of the spine. It balances it and helps the body become stronger and more resistant. It rekindles spiritual energy, helps you become independent without losing your roots and origins.

2. In Feng Shui

Since it is akin to the energies of the earth, Dalmatian stone is perfect for promoting stability and patience in your home. Considered perfect for harmonizing domestic energies, especially if you live near mountains and plains. You can use all the brown crystals for this purpose. According to feng shui experts it is associated with the northeast and southwest area of the house or room. It helps you to relax. It gives stability and security.

3. Meditation

You can use Dalmatian jasper in meditation. It is perfect for entering into a deep meditative state. It helps you to maintain inner peace, promotes contemplation.

Curiosity about Dalmatian Jasper

It is a stone sacred to the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaia. It equally honors the goddess Diana, protector of animals and goddess of the Moon. She is considered a stone of the seekers. Inside it the crystalline structure is perfectly aligned with the human mind.

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