Citrine Quartz: Properties, Benefits and 7 Uses

Are you starting a new business project? Have you got a good job and want to keep it? You’re wearing a citrine quartz pendant. It helps not only to attract wealth, but also to maintain it. It’s a stone that brings abundance and success. But citrine also induces altruism and will stimulate the desire to share. It is a stone of generosity. Put a citrine in your purse or wallet to attract money. You can also use a diamond ring as an alternative for the same purpose!

It is your stone if you work in sales, casinos, education and media. Citrine quartz improves interactions. It increases productivity at work. Strengthens creativity and inner fantasy. Perfect for artists. Helps find solutions.

Properties of citrine quartz

If you have chosen citrine, know that you have in your hands a stone that more than any other represents the energy of the sun. It gives vitality and energy. It is really enlightening, if you bring it into contact with the skin it helps to open your mind, to dissolve different patterns and tensions. You will transform mental patterns into positive actions.

If you find yourself in a starting situation, know that the citrine will give you the right motivation to get off on the right foot and bring you luck. Since it is a mineral that attracts everything that is positive, preventing the accumulation of negativity, it is a real ally in other periods of life! It has the extraordinary power to transform everything that is negative into positive.

The citrine is a stone capable of attracting even love. Making yourself positive will automatically lead you to be more serene and relaxed, ready to accept changes of heart. Among other properties we find wisdom and intelligence, confidence and happiness. People who tend to become irritable should not use it.

Benefits for the body

Citrine gives you energy and stamina, if you practice sport it is a stone that can help you maintain high performance. Not only for sportsmen, but also for all those who suffer from chronic fatigue, I recommend this mineral.

It improves metabolic functions. On a hormonal level it has a good balancing power, especially when it comes to menopause or thyroid problems. Other benefits include strengthening the intellect, fighting kidney infections, bladder and skin allergies. In crystal therapy it is also used as a support to traditional therapies to defeat degenerative diseases.

Benefits for the mind

It is a stone that improves self-esteem, helps to leave devastating feelings such as anger to embrace that of joy and optimism, helps to have more confidence in others. Today, when it is particularly difficult for many to wade to their neighbor with respect and love, citrine is a stone particularly suitable for everyone.

Other benefits of yellow quartz include the ability to overcome depressive states, the tendency to criticize and the tendency to destroy projects only for fear of failure. It makes you abandon past fears, it defeats the problems that no longer concern you but that still limit you.

Benefits for the spirit

It’s connected to the third chakra, Manipura, the center of emotion. When you are nervous do you feel, or have you felt in the past, a punch that tightens your stomach, or do you feel your bowels starting to make a tantrum? When people are under stress or experience periods of strong nervousness, they tend to suffer from stomach pain, very recurring. After a doctor’s consultation, the diagnosis is often “stress stomach pain”, which however requires that the problem be solved at the root, in the sphere of emotions. The citrine helps to do just that, to loosen knots and tensions that prevent you from living with serenity. This mineral allows you to manage your personal power and creativity.

Because of its subtle energies, citrine is one of the few stones that can be good for both the third and seventh chakra. Although it is more aligned with Manipura (3 energy center with yellow/light orange frequencies), it also works with the Thousand Petals Lotus. It keeps the mental and spiritual spheres in balance.

If it happens a little too often that you are held back by external judgments and decisions, sometimes even sacrificing your happiness, then use citrine. It brings you clarity, concentration and, above all, a greater “indifference” for those pretensions that others have towards you and which do not coincide with your Will.

7 uses of citrine quartz

1.Attract money

To attract money with citrine quartz you can simply put it in your wallet, even where there is change. Take care to always leave at least one euro inside, in practice, it must never stay empty!

2. Harmonize

Hanging on the neck, in contact with the skin, a tip of citrine quartz facing downwards helps to channel the energies of the high chakras towards the low ones, bringing a general harmony, clarity of purpose and the power of being able to turn thoughts well with physical gestures.

3. Dissolves negative energy

The citrine drusa is rather good for loading the other stones with positive energy and removing the negative one at the same time. However, before using it in this sense, I recommend that you purify the other stones you want to load with its support in another way, perhaps placing them first on an amethyst druze. So in addition to purifying and loading, you will also balance the energies of each stone. Remember that citrine cannot be exposed to the direct sun’s rays otherwise it will fade, but you can expose it to the moon’s rays.

But you must not purify it because it does not attract negative energies. Just spend a moment under water just to remove the dust that occasionally settles on it.

4. It helps you to channel the Force

Use it in meditation because it opens the doors of inner thought, it helps you to channel the Universal Force. It helps you if you are facing a period of financial or spiritual growth.

5. Awaken the sleepy qualities

Citrine quartz is linked to the zodiac sign of Cancer (21 June – 22 July). So to all those people who have a strong imagination. Citrine will help to enhance and awaken many sleepy qualities.

6. Brings positive energy into the home

The citrine in feng shui must be placed in the center of a room or house to bring energy into the whole space.

7. Internal benefits of citrine quartz

Citrine quartz elixir helps with cataracts and glaucoma. It improves intestinal flora and digestion. It brings balance on an emotional level and gives confidence. Citrine quartz elixir brings great clarity. Always on a physical level it helps to expel toxins.

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