Christmas: Health Under the Tree, From Smart Bracelets and Jewelry to Massages

For Christmas 2016 more and more hi-tech and wellness gifts. From the well-known smart bracelets, which monitor sleep, heartbeat, physical activity and steps, to the new ‘smart jewels’, to the relaxation packages on Groupon with massages and subscriptions in the pool and gym: fitness is the master. And if in the past few years many ‘smart’ gift ideas have already appeared, among the objects that can be connected, monitored or even controlled through your smartphone, this year’s novelty on the shelves are the smart products for the home, the so-called ‘Smart Home’, as pointed out by Angela Tumino, director of the Internet of Things Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano.

“The boom of the Internet of Things in Italy has already broken out long ago – explains Tumino – In 2015 the market reached 2 billion euros in value and there are about 10.3 million objects connected via cellular network, to which are added those that exploit other communication technologies. But it is in this Christmas that we can clearly perceive how this technological paradigm has also become key in the diffusion of new consumer products.

The range of ‘wearable’ products is multiplying: the classic bracelets and watches have been joined by jewellery. “For these products, the shelves of many retailers a few days before the Eve are almost empty and many models are also unobtainable online,” says Tumino. To dialogue with all these items, simply use Apps to download on your smartphone.

As for the Christmas fitness packages, some people are thinking about getting their loved ones back in shape after the holiday binge. All this without having to leave home: wellness shopping today is just a click away. Among the offers on Groupon: subscriptions in the gym, swimming pool, yoga and pilates courses, wellness massages and shiatsu. For every purchase, Groupon makes a donation to Telethon to support research.

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