Blue Tourmaline: Properties, Benefits and 5 Uses in Crystal Therapy

Blue tourmaline is a beautiful stone that invites you to remain silent and enjoy the moment. It is quite rare compared to other types of tourmaline. It is considered a stone capable of bringing peace of mind and helps to enter deep states of meditation. Use it if you want to bring out the old wounds so you can heal them. ù

It adapts well to the throat chakra but also to the third eye. This is because it increases your intuition and also amplifies psychic gifts. Use it if you want to become a medium.

As a stone it is quite expensive. Like all tourmalines it belongs to the aluminium borosilicate family. It can have inclusions that form like liquid-filled channels or gas bubbles. Some are more on the green, others on the blue and others are a nice bright blue.

Properties of blue tourmaline

It promotes honest communication, gives you the courage to speak openly without trying to deceive. It opens your mind to tolerance and makes you more understanding of the weaknesses of others. Among the best known properties of tourmaline in general is that of pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. The first one gives heat and the second one rubs, are two properties that make tourmaline charged and able to attract dust particles.

Benefits for the body

Blue tourmaline is a very useful tool because it deals with problems affecting the thyroid, esophagus, larynx, throat and thymus. Not only that, it also stimulates the kidneys and bladder to bring water balance. It relieves the problems of the pulmonary system and also those of the immune system.

Keeping a blue tourmaline in contact with your throat can help in case of infections and sinusitis. It helps to overcome nocturnal problems such as difficulty sleeping but also night sweats. If you can find a nice dark blue tourmaline you can use it for eye and brain treatments. Place it over your head when you want to fight a migraine.

Benefits for the mind

Use it if you want to overcome communication problems. It’s a sadness balm. Use this stone so you don’t get overwhelmed by emotions and memories. It’s also useful for overcoming childhood traumas and nightmares.

Benefits for the spirit

Tourmaline has always been used on a spiritual level by shamans. It allows for protection during work. It improves psychic vision. Use it to work on the fifth and sixth chakras. You realize that you need it for the throat chakra when you cannot express openly what you think and feel, so you do not feel free to express yourself. For the third eye it is useful if you want to increase your awareness. If your thoughts are not healthy, you cannot be open to ideas and visions.

Wear it if you want to receive messages from the realm of the spirit. Let you communicate freely with the higher dimensions.

Use blue tourmaline

1. Against insomnia

You can use blue tourmaline against insomnia. It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is put a stone under the pillow or over the bedside table.

2. Good luck talisman for work

Wear blue tourmaline as a talisman to increase your passion for work. You can use it if you’re looking to change careers.

3. Elixir against scars

If you use blue tourmaline to make an elixir, it prevents the formation of scars after a burn.

4. Use it in meditation

You can use blue tourmaline in meditation. It allows you to open yourself to spiritual realms. All you have to do is hold a piece of this stone in your hands during your practice. You can use it for example during your Zen meditation.

5. Blue tourmaline in feng shui

To conclude this article on blue tourmaline here are its uses in feng shui. This stone is associated with water and its energies of peace and purifying form. It is the symbol of those potentialities that have not yet been developed and therefore have not led to realization. You can place blue tourmaline crystals in those spaces you use to rest, to pray or simply to seek reflection and calm. You can put it in the north area of the house or the room where you work. This is because as we have seen it supports your career but at the same time the north is associated with the work space, where you can find the path of life.

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