Amazing Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper Rings

Handmade copper rings

All rings are handmade: the starting material is always copper, simple or embellished with hard or semi-precious stones.

A copper wire, or foil, is shaped, hammered and transformed into a handmade ring with a unique and unrepeatable line.

All rings are unique because they are handmade, in the catalogue you will find for each ring a related description of photos and measurements.

Most of handmade rings are adaptable to all fingers: the band that surrounds the finger remains open on one side so you can narrow or widen the ring as needed.

In the description of the rings it is specified whether the band has fixed and unchangeable dimensions or can be adapted.

How craft rings are made

Almost all handmade rings are born from the shaping of a single unbroken copper wire. In many cases the wire, beaten with a hammer, is complete and alone gives life to original and simple copper jewelry. Other times I start from a seed or a stone, I try to create a frame that accompanies them, that gives light and colour to the hand and to the gestures of those who will wear the ring.

To make only original handmade rings I don’t go back to predefined patterns or models: each ring is a unique design. The wire or copper foil, which will be transformed into a ring, is first shaped and hammered like a two-dimensional object, then hammered with a hammer on a small tube to round off the band.

Wear handmade copper rings

The copper jewels is natural copper, pure and untreated in order to exploit the beneficial characteristics of this metal.

Wearing handmade copper rings allows a high skin absorption of copper as a trace element: especially in the inner part of the finger there is more sweating and a close contact with the metal. In this area, especially in summer, the sign of the beneficial action of copper may appear: a blue stain where the ring is in contact with the skin, a stain easily washable with soap and water. Wearing handmade copper rings… it leaves its mark!

Giving away a handmade copper ring

There are many rituals, traditions and cultures that give a special value to rings: among all the jewels, the smallest have become the most meaningful ones.

Giving away handmade copper rings means giving away a beneficial jewel, made of the metal symbol of Venus, the goddess of love.

For a declaration of love full of meaning, but not too compromising from an economic point of view, a handmade copper ring may be the right idea.

Handmade rings can be given to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day: your partner, wife or girlfriend will receive an original gift that will remember the special moment.

Copper rings are suitable, for their symbolic message, to be given as a gift to celebrate the seventh anniversary, the copper wedding. Renewing the promise with a handmade copper ring means giving a jewel that will change over time, will take new colors, will dispense its beneficial virtues, just like the union you want to celebrate.

But a handmade copper ring, since it does not involve the commitment of a diamond, can be an excellent gift idea, elegant and cheap, for a colleague’s birthday, a friend’s graduation, or for any anniversary to celebrate.

Personalized handcrafted rings

For special occasions or for special people it is often necessary to do something ad hoc: ask me how you would like your handmade copper ring and we will study together the jewel for you.

I am happy to realize the ideas and requests of customers, they are often a stimulus to my creativity and personalized jewelry are always the most beautiful gifts to receive. Commissioning handmade rings can mean collaborating with the artisan in the design of the ring, in its design, or you can rely on the expert hand providing only basic information. To have a handmade copper ring and personalized you can start from a precise idea or just from a cue, from some basic features that make the essence of what this handmade ring for the occasion should communicate.

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