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A manicurist reveals the 7 greatest errors you're making together with your nails


A manicurist reveals the 7 greatest errors you're making together with your nails

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  • INSIDER spoke with a manicurist and uncovered the most important errors individuals make with their nails.
  • Nail-strengthening merchandise that include harsh chemical substances can do extra hurt than good.
  • Not moisturizing nails and cuticles in-between salon remedies is a typical mistake.
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Whether you are a daily on the native nail salon or prefer to take pleasure in a gel manicure from time to time, having your nails trimmed, smoothed, and polished by knowledgeable can really feel like the final word act of self-care.

However, there is a particular kind of frustration that comes when your nail polish chips just a few days after leaving the salon, or when painful ingrown nails type alongside your cuticle.

In an interview with INSIDER, Mabelyn Martin, the artistic director at New York City-based nail salon Paintbox, shared her record of nail faux-pas she encounters frequently.

Martin mentioned one of many greatest mistake her shoppers make isn’t retaining their nails and cuticles moisturized. Using nail-strengthening products with harsh chemical substances may result in severe injury, she mentioned.

Keep studying for all of the mistakes Martin sees frequently and how one can keep away from them.

Martin mentioned the commonest mistake individuals make isn’t retaining their nails and cuticles moisturized

“Your nails want the identical quantity of moisture that your face wants,” Martin mentioned. “Not hydrating, whether or not you have got gel or common polish, is the most important mistake I see ladies make frequently.”

Martin beneficial utilizing pure oils comparable to argan oil, candy almond oil, or jojoba oil, however she mentioned most cuticle oil merchandise are additionally viable choices.

Keeping nails hydrated is essential it doesn’t matter what forms of manicures you get, and even in the event you do not put on polish in any respect, Martin mentioned, however utilizing oils commonly on the cuticle and nail is particularly important for individuals who get gel manicures.

“Applying oil all around the nail and cuticle will hydrate the brand new nail as soon as your gel polish grows out,” she mentioned.

Using nail strengtheners that include harsh chemical substances, like formaldehyde, may be very unhealthy for nails

Some nail-strengthening merchandise include chemical substances that are typically too harsh for individuals’s nails, Martin mentioned. 

“Women must be cautious with nail strengtheners as a result of they are typically too harsh. I see individuals use them on a regular basis, and they are often extraordinarily damaging,” Martin mentioned. 

Martin defined that nail strengtheners typically include formaldehyde, which may harden and dry out the nail, making it extra more likely to crack. The US Department of Labor’s web site describes formaldehyde as a hazardous chemical found in nail polish and nail hardeners.

“Those merchandise make the nail like a bit of glass — onerous, positive, however extraordinarily breakable,” Martin mentioned. “Instead, ladies ought to simply use cuticle oil to make their nails stronger. Using oils constantly will make the nail extra bendable and pliable, and that is what you need. . . it is higher than having a dry, breakable nail.”

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Not taking note of chemical substances in all forms of nail merchandise could be a huge mistake

Martin recommends searching for nail polishes that are non-toxic, or labeled as five-free, seven-free, nine-free, or so on — which suggests they’re freed from a sure variety of probably dangerous chemical substances.

“I want extra individuals had been taking note of what’s of their nail polishes, since you soak up something you set in your nails,” she mentioned. 

Peeling or selecting off gel polish may cause main nail injury

Martin mentioned picking at gel polish or peeling it off the nail fully is a sure-fire technique to trigger injury. She mentioned most gel polish manicures ought to final about two weeks, but when the polish begins to peel earlier, she recommends attempting to keep away from ripping it off the nail. 

“Once you trigger that injury from selecting off the gel, you must wait till the complete nail grows out to be able to have a clear slate, so-to-speak,” she mentioned.

So can eradicating gentle gel polish with a drill, so shoppers must be cautious of salons that do that

Martin mentioned individuals who get gel manicures must be cautious of how manicurists take away the polish.

She defined that the majority gel manicures are utilized utilizing a sort of polish generally known as gentle gel. Soft gel polish must be eliminated solely with a soak-off approach, which is the place the manicurist wraps the shopper’s nails with cotton pads soaked in polish-remover and covers their fingers in foil, Martin mentioned.

“For gentle gel manicures, drills ought to by no means be used,” Martin mentioned. “It’s a lot too damaging for the nail.”

However, a drill is nearly all the time crucial for eradicating polish from acrylic nails, Martin mentioned. 

“If you understand you do not have acrylic nails and somebody is utilizing a drill to take away your polish, that is not a salon I’d return to,” she added.

Consistently including layers of clear polish to nails will not truly assist a manicure last more — in reality, it simply traps dust and mud

Martin mentioned individuals ought to cease including layers of clear high coat to their nails all through the week.


“It’ll simply make your nails thicker, and folks normally aren’t wiping off their nail with an alcohol pad to scrub it earlier than including the highest coat, so that may entice dust and mud,” Martin mentioned. “Again, the very best answer is to go for cuticle oil.”

The strategy of “letting your nails breathe” with out polish will not assist with nail staining or injury

The concept that going au-natural together with your nails between manicures can enhance nail well being or assist with nail stains is a fantasy, Martin mentioned.

One tip she recommends to her shoppers who battle with nail stains, or remnants of polish colour which have tinted the nail, is to dip a disposable mascara wand in baking soda and water, then brush the wand onto the nail.

“You’ll see the stains disappear instantly, and it will assist brighten the nail,” Martin mentioned.

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